Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just added more gameplaying videos

Hello all. I know it's been a while here, but there are some real life situations that's been interfering in my schedule as of late and I apologize for that. Anyway, I've added some new Mugen and Arcade gameplaying videos over at Veoh and Dailymotion if you like to check them out. I've also been into March Madness, so that too, will prevent me from blogging much here in the next few weeks. But, I'll keep you updated as best as I can with some videos. By the way, why don't you please make some gameplaying videos on your PC or TV and see what you got? Thanks for your reading and I'll see you again soon ;) .


Al Sunnah Bianca Mansur said...

Hello dear

I am going to warn here that changed my blog address

I am in


Gamegirl35 said...

Okay then, I'll make some changes here. Thanks for the update, my friend.