Thursday, February 26, 2009

Added some more gaming videos at Veoh

Hi there all. I don't have too much time here because it's 3:30am in Chicago, so I'm writing to let you guys and gals know that I've just added some more gaming videos of mine over at Veoh. If you want to check them out, please head to: or, now you can also go to: as well. I've opened up an account there a couple of weeks ago, so please leave a comment at either site. I love to hear from you. Well, that's all for tonight. As I said earlier, it's after 3:30am here in Chicago and I need to get my sleep in. Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you again soon ;) . P.S. Darktenabre, I hope that request I asked earlier wasn't too personal towards you. If it was, I'm sorry about that, since I've never cosplayed in my life, but I like it a lot. Thanks again guys and gals, good night.


Suna Bianca Mansur said...

Hello dear ^ ^

Well, let me explain about clock. The ong WWF ( is doing a campaign to raise awareness regarding the use of energy in the wrong way and here in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro (where I live), the monuments and places will be with the lights off for a while.

^ ^ This is just a simple call for global energy economy, although I think our daylight saving time is magnificent. (daylight saving time is when it says 1 hour in our time zone, so the city has another hour of daylight.)

Explained dear? Any doubt tell me ^ ^


Gamegirl35 said...

Oh, okay then that clears things up. Thanks, my friend. Now, I'll know next time.