Friday, October 2, 2009

A first for Rio

Hello all. This won't be a long blog than normal because today was a shocking day for both Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting from Coppenhagen today, and just about over ten minutes ago, Rio has won the bid over Madrid for to host the 2016 Summer Olympics which is the very first for South America. I want to wish my fellow blogger, Bianca Mansur lots of congratulations as the games will be coming to Rio. For me here in Chicago, I'm disappointed and shocked that the vote came and went so quickly after everybody worked so hard to make this dream a reality, but there's 2020 and I know I'm not giving up on the Olympic dream yet. Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend and again, many congratulations to Rio on their Olympic dreams coming true in 2016.


Bianca Mansur said...

Hello my dear ^ ^

Thanks for the congratulations. Here in Rio we were very anxious at the news and were surprised by Chicago was eliminated in the first round. We had faith we could make it, but were afraid that we were the second to be eliminated.

For an hour after the vote, before announcing, we were nervous and apreenssivos.

This video is of our television station (Globe) and shows and all we were.

Here in my building had rain confetti, screams of joy, music. Very cool ^ ^

I hope that in 2016 we can make a good party. I'm going to apply as a volunteer to help.

Thousand kisses and good weekend =**

Gamegirl35 said...

You'll be great volunteering, Bia. Good luck in 7 years, let me know how it goes.