Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Uploaded more videos and a failed Veoh group

Hello there again. Well, I've uploaded a few more gameplaying videos of mine over at Veoh this week. For those who didn't get a chance to see them, here's the link to my channel: and please check them out. *sigh* It's not working fellow Bloggers, my Veoh group I mean. After a few weeks of trying, I've decided to delete that group over and place it over at YouTube and give it a try there. I'm exhausted, but happy that both the Cubs and White Sox clinched the Central Division in their leagues respectively and I hope there's a Red Line World Series later on this month. But, it's too early right now to tell. I know I said that I needed a break from uploading more videos last time and that will be it for Veoh right now but over at YouTube. . . I'll think about it. I was thinking, do you think I'm doing too many videos in a span of a month or 2? I mean, I don't want to keep uploading videos if they're not getting anything done or what do I have to do in order to shorten them a bit or moreover, I don't want to bore you with blahness. . . Maybe you got some suggestions, please respond to this blog and see what your say on this issue is. Well, I better go now. Thanks for reading and I'll chat with you again soon if I don't return before Halloween.

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