Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Added P.O.W. Gameplay at Veoh

Hi there again fellow gamers. I'm back with an update. I've just P.O.W. over on my Veoh channel today and I apologize for the audio quality until I get that corrected. I haven't added any more Mugen gameplay lately, but expect some before 2008 ends. I've been really busy lately so I won't be on here too much as I like to, but expect to see more videos over at Veoh before the year's out and please register, subscribe and comment to them if you like them because I've got a few selective games on Mame32 that I got. If you like, you can request gameplay with your favorite character in a game and I'll do my best to play them. Thanks for your attention and I'll talk to you soon ;) .


Suna Bianca Mansur said...


Sorry, you did not understand my post. Unable anniversary of Tenchuu. I graduated in college. That is my class at the University of Oil ^ ^

Thousand beijusssss

Ps: I will post photos of my clothes

Gamegirl35 said...

Sorry about that, that's my bad. Well now, I wish you congratulations for graduating from college. Sort of jealous, but I'm still learning. Okay then, I'll be waiting for that post.